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soft starter Schneider
  • You can get the Soft Starter for the pumps and motors of advanced specifications and high protection against changing the operating factors and the factors surrounding the system. Using the soft starter made by Toshiba Corporation of Japan origin and the latest methods of advanced technology will get the following international
  •  specifications:
  • capacity  up to 1500 kW.
  • Screen control keys and a statement from which to adjust the driver and the performance of the engine and read the current and voltage and power drawn and carrying the engine and read all the breakdowns that can occur during operation.
  • Four ways to start and to get the best performance for different applications:
    ( Current ramp - Constant Current - Torque Control - Kick Start )
  • Gradient stop quickly in order to protect against increased pressure in the lines (Hammering).
  • Panel is not required to protect the engine.
  • 5 multi-function Digital input.
  • 4 Relay outputs digital multi-functional.
  • 3 outputs varying from 0 to 10 volts to read the current and voltage.
    Run more than one engine and using the first movement and the presence of a single property By PASS.
  • Equipped with Internal BY Pass Contactor.
  • Automatic restart in the event of a malfunction.
  • Save 30% of the energy drawn during the starting and continuous operation (Energy Saving).
  • Control the timing and value of current drawn during the start running in order to protect the engine.
  • Is not required to Star - Delta key to start.
  • Is not required to correct the power factor.
  • storage the error and time of occurrence.
  • Ease of connectivity and performance.
  • Can run the soft starter  through the PLC.
  • protection in the Soft Starter:
  • against overload .
  • against the under,over voltage.
  • against a fall or reverse phase.
  • against high motor temperature PTC.